FAQs – Bursar’s Office
FAQs – Bursar’s Office2018-10-29T12:21:46+03:00

Frequently Asked Questions in Bursar’s Office

  1. Where is book-keeping section?

It is in Bursar’s office. It is responsible for compiling reports regarding  all the financial matters of the institution to both internal and external users. 

  1. How long does it take to be paid after the voucher is made?

Depending on the availability of funds, once a voucher is made, and it has been cleared by internal audit, it takes one day (24hours) to be paid through the electronic system.  Four banks outside the paying MUBS bank, the transaction will take at most two days, whereas, a bank holder similar to the paying bank will take 30 minutes if the transaction is fully authorized before 5pm.  

  1. When will I be paid because I already delivered the goods?

This depends on when you submitted your invoice with all the relevant information to PDU and a user verification report is also submitted. Once PDU submits your documents to Bursar’s office, and the liquidity position is good, payment is meant to be made within a week. For instances where the liquidity position is not good, an explanation will be given to you and an indication as to when you would be paid.  

  1. How can I get information on the previous payment made on my claim?

You inquire from cash office if it’s for the current year. For the prior years, you check with book keeping section. 

  1. What are the procedures of accessing a filed Voucher?

You access filled vouchers by forwarding a request to the bursar’s office indicating the purpose of the voucher needed and for how long. If granted, you have you sign for it  from the in charge book-keeping section.

  1. Who is responsible for availing Social Security information to staff?

Human resource Office is responsible for all NSSF issues. However, additional information regarding remittances may be got from salaries office in the bursa’s office. There is also a self service for any information through NSSF web portal. You access by requesting a pin through customerservice@nssf.og.ug.

  1. What are the steps one goes through to receive payment after approval by Accounting Officer?

The accounting officer approves in principle and then the different technical offices subject your request to the normal school procedures of whether there is a budget provision, then commitment, audit, and finally actual payment. Depending on liquidity levels, this may take a period of less than 3 days. If there is no budget provision, the accounting officer will be informed accordingly and your document will be returned to you. If also there audit queries raised on your request, this may delay the processing of your payment until such queries are answered. Bursar’s office will not make a payment which is not cleared by audit.

  1. Who is responsible for budgeting?

Budgeting is one of the main function of the bursar and there is a fully fledged section to coordinate this with all the units in the school. Budget guidelines are always issued to all the units to generate their unit budgets. Each unit in the school must come up with its budget which is at the end of the day consolidated with the rest to form the master budget for the school.

  1. What items are budgeted for?

These are derived from the activities of each unit and normally guidance is given in the budgeting circular called “Budget guidelines”.

  1. What is the balance on my budget?

Please, Contact the Budget desk/commitment office for details. You can also check with the accounts assistant for your unit to provide this information.  For the future, with the computerization coming soon, you will be able to access this information online for your unit. 

  1. When is the transfer being made?

Transfers are made quarterly depending on the liquidity levels of the school. [However, this answer will depend on the time the question is asked and the one asking it.]

  1. Are there funds for this emergency work?

If provided for in the budget and the procurement plan the funds will be identified. If the emergency is not provided for in the budget/procurement plan, explicit approval must be sought from the accounting officer who will guide appropriately. 

  1. What is the exchange rate used for this payment?

The exchange rate applicable is the prevailing rate at the time of committing the payment. 

  1. Where do I pay School fees?

All fees are paid in the bank to any of the following collection accounts;

  • Barclays Bank A/c no. 6002230737
  • Barclays Dollar A/c – 0344025878
  • Stanbic Bank A/c no. 9030005852438
  • Centenary Bank A/c no. 2215100740
  1. How much fees do I pay for my program?

You can get a fees structure on the school web site and all offices in the school Marjory, bursa’s office, school registrar’s office and the faculties.  

  1. Why my fees financial statement is not balancing?

Provide us with your student number or Registration number for us to check and advise you.

  1. Where can I get Bursar’s department?

This is bursar’s office, how can I help you. 

  1. Where do we verify from?

Window no 2 of bursar’s office. 

  1. Where do we pick Bank slips from?

Main build at information desk and at window 2 of bursar’s office. For the future, you can just walk in any of bank service providers you will get the bank slips there.  

  1. Where do we drop the cheques and get receipts from?

Window no 2 of bursa’s office.

  1. Where do we clear for graduation from?

Windows 4, 5 & 6 of bursar’s office.  

  1. How much am I supposed to pay for backlog courses?

Go to your faculty registrar for billing.

  1. Where do we go for reconciliation of Financial Statement?

Windows 4, 5 of bursar’s office. 

  1. What is required for someone to get a refund?
  • Pick and fill a refund form from student’s records office in bursar’s office or the photocopying bureau below the new building block.
  • Attach your original receipts
  • Attach a copy of your financial statement
  1. Can I be allowed to sit for exams if I have not completed fees payment?

No. Exceptional cases can be addressed to the Principal.

  1. When will the service providers be cleared?

Please check with the school creditors’ desk in book keeping section.

  1. Can I use some ones account to receive payment?

No. Payments are made to the specific payee on the original request.

  1. Who passes the vouchers?

The bursar has the responsibility to pass vouchers; however, given the magnitude of the school business, certain transactions are delegated to the deputies in the bursar’s office and bursar’s representatives at the upcountry campuses.

  1. Why are the payments taking long to be cleared?

This is largely due to liquidity challenges and/or queries raised by any of the offices involved in the payment process.

  1. How often do you pay service providers?

Once a month.

  1. What are the criteria used to pay these clients?

According to invoice age, older invoices are paid earlier before the current ones.

  1. Who is in charge of clearing and paying the service providers?

Clearing involves the PDU office, user department/unit and audit. Payment is the responsibility of the bursar’s office when the other 3 offices/units have done their part.

  1. Where is Salary office?

It is a section in the bursar’s department. 

  1. When is my Loan deduction ending?

After 12 months when the loan is acquired. 

  1. How do I get a School Loan?

By having worked for at least one year with the school.  Also refer to the human resource manual. 

  1. When can I get my pay slips and how?

By picking it from the salary office after payments have been made at the end of month.

  1. How do you calculate the Monthly deductions on tuition/salary advance?

Any advance against one’s pays, be it for Tuition or otherwise is deducted in one installment. Advances are different from loans which are recovered over a period of 12 months.

  1. How can I get Salary/Tuition advance and the pre-requisites to get it?

Salary advance is by filling a form from human resource and tuition advance is by a commitment letter from bursar’s department under students’ records section. 

  1. When do you begin deductions after getting a Loan?

In the subsequent month.When are you paying salary?

By the 28th of the month.

  1. How do I know my Gross/Net pay of my salary/Top up?

Reference can be made to your appointment letter or subsequent communication from human resources office. We can also check for you in the system just give us a minute to do this. Similar information is reflected on your pay slip.

  1. Where is stores section?

In bursar’s office, currently at the old bursar’s block.

  1. Who is responsible for issuing items in stores?

The Stores assistant at the three store locations namely; lower ground at main building, opposite FVDE and the bursa’s old block.

  1. Whom can I see if the bursar is not around?

Please see the Deputy.

  1. Procurement issues

All procurement related matters should be addressed to the school Procurement and disposal unit.