9th Annual MUBS Hospitality Day ( 20th April , 2018 )

The Faculty of Marketing and Hospitality Management (FMHM) together with the students of Bachelor of Leisure and Hospitality Management  announce the 9th Annual MUBS Hospitality Day under the theme Enhancing University- industry engagement for Social - Economic Transformation”scheduled for  20th April , 2018 at MUBS Rugby grounds.


The Hospitality day is an Education - Entertainment event held annually by the Faculty of Marketing and Hospitality Management (FMHM) at Makerere University Business School (MUBS) since 2009.

The idea was birthed to boost the confidence of the Hospitality Students and improve on their attitudes towards the program by providing them with a platform to see several opportunities within the industry. It was also aimed at improving stakeholders’ attitude towards these students, including lecturers, parents, employers and fellow students in other programs.

Over the past Eight years, this idea has been realized and the dream has since become a reality evidenced by increasing numbers of students pursuing the program, confidence and pride of the students in all their academic programs and increased number of hospitality students employed in different fields within the industry.


  1. Corporate Social Responsibility ( April 14, 2018 )
  2. MUBS Hospitality Day bazaar ( April 16 – 19 . 2018 ) – Business Week


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