CEMAS -MUBS Application Procedure



  1. To access the system log to  www.mubs.ac.ug/  and click on Apply Now
  2. Create an account by clicking on the register here button

Note:   for you to register you must have a valid email address. If you don’t have sign up for one.

  1. Once you log in select Application type (i.e. ordinary Diploma/Certificate) and intake (August intake 2015/2016) and click Apply.
  2. Fill your information in the fields provided correctly, click on save and continue
  3. Fill in all your UACE (‘A’ Level) and UCE (‘O’ Level) grades, click on save and continue.
  4. Click on the drop down programme codes and select your choice i.e. DBAM, CBAM, DAFM etc. (please choose only programme codes in the advert and take note of MUBS campuses and MUBS affiliated institutions), click save and continue.
  5. Attach scanned copies of the required documents, click save and continue.
  6. Select who will meet your study expenses and check the declaration check box (I declare that all the above information I have given in this form is Correct), click submit.
  7. After submitting your application form you, will get an application number that you will use to pay application fee at the bank. i.e. APFE/MUBS/655


    1. Before submitting make sure all the information given is correct because after submitting you will not be able to make any changes.
    2. Please make sure that you have the following scanned documents before filling the online application form.

                                            i.            Passport Size photo (100KB).

                                          ii.            Birth Certificate (500KB).

                                        iii.            ‘O’ Level Certificate/Pass slip Or Equivalent (500KB).

                                        iv.            ‘A’ Level Certificate/Pass slip Or Equivalent (500KB).

                                          v.            Degree/Diploma Certificate/Pass slip (If required) (500KB).

                                        vi.            Previous school/institution Identification card.




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