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Welcome to Clarkson University, New York State’s highest ranked small research institution. We are the institution of choice for 3000 enterprising, high-ability students pursuing degrees 50+rigorous academic programmes of study. Our faculties are also the leading edge of research of international relevance and we offer focused graduate programmes in select disciplines, however, our primary mission is undergraduate education. Across the institution, faculty and students develop close mentoring relationships and make lifelong connections that guide career success.

Located in the northern Adirondacks in the college town of Potsdam, Clarkson stands out among America’s private, nationally ranked research institutions because of its dynamic collaborative learning environment, innovation degree and research programmes, and unmatched track record for producing leaders and innovators.

At Clarkson, we know that new technologies, emerging fields and expanding career opportunities require new approaches to learning. That’s why our students are grounded in the fundamentals but also learn how to successfully manage unique challenges of today’s complex world.


Clarkson Mission

Clarkson University is an independent nationally recognized technological university whose faculty of teacher-scholars aspires to offer superior instruction and high quality research and scholarship in engineering, business, science, health and liberal arts. Our primary mission is to educate talented and motivated men and women to become successful professionals through quality precollegiate, undergraduate, graduate and professional continuing education programmes, with particular emphasis on the quality of student life and affords student access to and interaction with their faculty. We value the diversity of our University community, and we strive to attune ourselves and our programmes to our global, pluralistic society. We share the belief that humane economic and social development derive from the expansion, diffusion and application of knowledge.


The Vision of a Clarkson Education

The Clarkson University educational experience is designed to provide talented and ambitious students with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve positions of leadership within their chosen profession. The combination of Clarkson’s strong technologically rich curricula and state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, coupled with an unparalleled commitment to friendly learning environment and to students’ personal development, uniquely prepares Clarkson graduates to excel in their chosen professions and to lead rewarding and creative lives.

In addition to a mastery of the core knowledge within his or her field, a Clarkson education provides each student with the opportunity to:

·         Solve real-world, open-ended problems that require creativity and risk taking, including participation in state-of-the-art research under the direction of distinguished faculty;

·         Develop and refine exceptional communication skills with an awareness of potential cultural differences;

·         Work productively within and lead disciplinary and multidisciplinary teams possibly composed of members with diverse interest and backgrounds;

·         Obtain outstanding capabilities in utilizing computing and other 21st century technologies; and,

·         Learn through instruction and guidance by nationally recognized faculty who have a commitment to both teaching and research that has made Clarkson a nationally ranked university.

·         A Clarkson student’s education is greatly enhanced by a personal and friendly learning environment, within a small, residential, nationally recognized University, which:

·         Place students at the center of the educational process and where all employees have a commitment to creating an environment that contributes positively to students’ overall educational experience;

·         Draw undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff together into a cohesive and stimulating learning community, wherein an atmosphere of scholarship and spirit of research is cultivated;

·         Support the acquisition of knowledge through advanced electronic and information technology and innovative instructional approaches;

·         Provides personal advising and interaction with faculty and staff as well as supportive relationships among students;

·         Offers many leadership opportunities through co-curricular groups and activities; and

·         Respect and learns from its community of diverse people, backgrounds and cultures.

·         Together, these provide a unique educational experience that is directed towards developing the whole person.


Signature Area of Excellence

Advanced Materials

Shoppers might get excited about material like nylon and cotton. But the material we’re talking about are plastics, thin films, and tiny particles. Without this research, there would be no improvement in areas like x-rays and MRIs, or computer chips and biosensors. Those are today’s challenges. We’re on it. You will find much more information at our Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP), a research institute that draws several million dollars in research funding each year and work with industrial partners in New York State and across the globe.


Our biotechnology projects span the boundaries between academic research and real health-related benefits. Virtual wheelchair training, coatings for artificial knees and heart valve replacements-all of its life altering examples of technology serving humanity. Then there is Clarkson’s Center of Rehabilitation Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST), where biotechnology, physical therapy, science, and assistive technology come together to improve lives impacted by injury or disease. Real-world learning that helps real people. That’s preparation. For life.


Environment & Energy

Think about the air you breathe; the water you drink. Think about how producing energy can affect the environment. Think about limited resources and the need for new, renewable energy supplies. Defy convention. Believe in better way. Daily . Clarkson faculty from a range of field concern themselves with the environment and energy. Clarkson students are involved in initiatives like Focus the Nation, eco challenges and the greening our campus master plan. The Clarkson Center for the Environment is a great place to start investigating Clarkson’s role in leading change and creating sustainable systems across the globe.



Research and discovery tells only part of the Clarkson story. Our entrepreneurial culture promotes innovation to create the processes and opportunities for commercialization of our ideas and connects us to the world at large. Whether you want to lead a big company or work for yourself, you’ll be immersed in the experiences that you just own business in your first year of college. You can talk about patent development with faculty. You can seek out capital investors. Demanding? Yes. Real-world? Definitely. Rewarding? Absolutely-now and into the future; intellectually and financially. This one reason that one out of every 7 Clarkson alumni is a CEO, Vice President or business owner. Faculty also commercializes.


Global supply chain management

Talk about boundary spanning managing a supply chain means knowing everything about a business: the customer, the information technology, the engineering challenges, and getting supplies and products from Point A to Point B. Get ready for a greater career and to work side by side with people from other disciplines and from other parts of the world.



Clarkson Honor Roll


Clarkson is recognized among the first universities in the nation, according to such diverse measures as U.S News and World Report, the Association for Independent Technological Universities, and corporate recruiters. Clarkson focuses on providing a rigorous professional experience, connecting discovery and engineering innovation with enterprise, and developing a collaborative community for students, faculty and staff.

·         Clarkson is ranked among “America’s Best Colleges 2009,” a classification that includes the best and most prestigious schools in the country. We are in the top tier among all such elite institutions, with a ranking of 121-U.S. New and World Report, America’s Best Colleges, 2009.

·         Clarkson’s School of Business Supply Chain Management programme is ranked 13th in the nation.-U.S. News and World Report, America’s Best Colleges, 2009.

·         The undergraduate engineering programme is recognized as one of the “Best Undergraduate Engineering Programmes” whose highest degree is a doctorate, with a ranking of 86.-U.S News and World Report, America’s Best Colleges, 2009

·         Princeton Review features Clarkson in its “Best 368 Colleges” book. Only about 15 percent of the four years colleges in America and two Canadian colleges were chosen for the book.-Princeton Review Best 368 Colleges, 2009

·         Clarkson ranks among the most-20 wired colleges in the nation.-PC Magazine/Princeton Review, 2007.

·         Clarkson ranks among Best Business Schools in the nation.- The Princeton Review 282 Best Business School, 2007.

·         Clarkson ranks seventh in the nation among small research universities. – 2007 Faculty Scholarly Productivity (FSP) Index.

·         Clarkson University is #22 in the nation for entrepreneurship.-Entrepreneur Magazine/Princeton Review, 2006

·         Clarkson is ranked number 106 among national universities.- Washington Monthly College Rankings, 2006.


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