Makerere University Business School provides physical facilities; libraries, health, religious, Counseling services  and ICTs in order to create a conducive learning environment for its students.

In existence are:

·         ICT Labs and a Digital Centre

·         Libraries

·         Lecture rooms

Other resources include :

·         Guest house – eating out

·         Parking

·         Health facilities

·         Counseling services



The concept of a library is changing. Libraries used to consist of main text books and with those in reserve, published journals and other selected materials. This is no longer the case to day. E-books, electronic journals and whole digital libraries have changed the face of libraries.

Makerere University Business School has access to e-resources like

1.        Libhub OR Kiox

2.        EMERALD

3.        Wiley Online Library

4.        Jstor

5.        University of chicago press

6.        Springer

7.        Oxford university press

8.        HINARI

9.        Oxford Scholarship online

10.     Henry stewart talks

11.     Ebrary

These, plus some other databases are very ideal for any student in search of literature. For details about the user names and passwords consult the Librarian and the Coordinator Graduate Research Center (MUBS). Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Main library provides the following facilities.

Seating capacity for over 2000 users

4 computer laboratories: one on each floor 

Wireless internet

Multimedia centre at the ground floor                      

Archive and binding facilities

Read our Library frequently Asked Questions here >>


The institution houses five (5) computer laboratories that are used for ICT practical lectures and two (2) online digital laboratories for students with the aim of facilitating research work.

The Management Information Systems Unit is responsible for all the ICT facilities in Makerere University Business School; it provides end user support to staff and students with ICT queries.

Career Guidance

Careers are essential for living a meaningful and successful life. They enable you focus on a specific area, acquire knowledge and build a profession. The MUBS Career Guidance Section is responsible for enabling MUBS students to understand what careers are and help them into choosing a career that is a reflection of their abilities and interests. The section also enables prospective students to understand the meaning of a career and how the different programmes in MUBS can help them pursue their dreams to realize their full potential… read more

Counseling services

The School Counselor offer counseling services to the students and staff in the school. The services vary from cases concerning emotional disorders, academic stress, and personal. Social, relationships, problems with parents and guardians, marital problems and financial problems among others. The section also carries out training in peer counseling for students and HIV/AIDS awareness among others.

Health Services

The Institution has a Health Services Centre with a mission to improve and maintain the quality of life of our staff and students by enabling them feel healthier, be more productive and perform their duties to the maximum”

The Services at the Health Centre are available for registered students and staff.

Religious Affairs

The School has three different communities with their places of worship. These are the Anglican, Catholic and Muslim communities

·         Office of the Mullah

·         St Charles Lwanga Catholic Community

·         St James Chapel

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