The Faculty of Entrepreneurship was set up in the Academic Year 2009-2010 effective 2010-2011 with two departments as indicated below:           

Table 1: Departments in the Faculty of Entrepreneurship



Department of Business Administration

2006-2007(Aug. 2006)

Department of Entrepreneurship

2006-2007(Aug. 2006)


In line with the school vision, the Faculty “aspires to be recognized as the national leader in advocating and advancing entrepreneurship education and business management as the foundation for sustainable growth and development in all sectors of the economy”.


The Faculty “provides leadership and is the centre point for planning, promoting and executing entrepreneurship education and business management efforts with a view to enabling the future of the school’s stakeholders”.

 More specifically, the Faculty:

1. Continues with the incorporation of entrepreneurship education across all academic programs in the school, through strengthening the existing courses and developing new market driven course in the various facets of the entrepreneurship domain.

2. Pioneers research projects that include:

(a)    Localizing the study of entrepreneurial practices in Uganda

(b)   Focusing on the enacting of support policies for the development of entrepreneurial competencies in the country. 

(c)    Localizing best business management practices to the Ugandan environment

3. Fosters network relationships with business, industry, Government and trade associations, which share our vision of advancing economic development through entrepreneurship education


Table 2: Departmental Missions



Department of Entrepreneurship


To be the benchmark for Business Management Education, Research and Training in the region focusing on Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management.

Department of Business Administration


To provide high quality, first class business and management training to its clients to International standards.




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