General comments   

The report of field attachment will be derived from the internship undertaken by the student. It will follow the general guidelines issued by Makerere University. Notably font to use is New Times Roman, size 12, 1.5 spacing, 1inch all round margin. It will be set in chapters and sections as guided below.  The report is prepared with guidance of the academic supervisor allocated to the student at the commencement of their field attachment. All Third year students shall be

required  to  follow  the  regulations  approved  by  Makerere  University  senate  in  submitting  a  final  copy  of  field attachment report   All  final  Field  attachment  reports  shall  be  submitted  by  3rd  year  students,before  the  commencement of exams of semester two of third year.   


1.0 Preliminary pages  

1.1 Cover page  

The  cover  page shall  have  MUK  -  MUBS  main  heading,  title  of  the  report referring  to  field  attachment  and organization  where  field  attachment  was done.  There  shall  be  names  of  the  student,  registration  number  and program. Names of academic and field supervisors are below; finally the date (month and year) appear at the bottom of page centered.  

1.2 Declaration  page  –  the  student  declares  that  the  work  is  his/hers,  compiled  from  the  personal  

exposure in the stated organization, candidate’s names, signature and date.   

1.3  The approval page – here the academic supervisor should sign to approve the report.  

1.4 Optional pages include dedication and acknowledgement.  

1.5 Table of contents is important to show on which page chapters, tables etc are found.  

1.6 Abstract – a one page summary of the report should be placed before the main body   

1.7 List of figures, tables, abbreviations used (if any).  


2.0 Chapter one: Introduction  

2.1 A brief introduction highlighting what the chapter captures  

2.2 Organizational  background  -  This  chapter  is  about  the  organization  (s)  where  the  student  was  attached.  The  student  should  give  the  name,  ownership,  nature  and  or  type  of  business,  (like manufacturing, public institution, local government, shipping, trading, tourism, etc), location details,  general  set  up  and  structure,  management  system  etc.  The  student  should  attempt  to  position  the organization/institution  in  the  relevant  industry.  The  chapter  should  enable  the  reader  to  have  a  picture of the organization(s) at a glance. Appropriate sub-chapters could be used to make the report  flow more credible. This chapter could be a maximum of 5 pages.


3.0 Chapter two: Activities undertaken during field attachment  

The  report  should  indicate  the  activities  and  assignments  which  the  student  was  involved  in  while  on  field  attachment. This chapter does not require giving the activities chronologically. The student describes and gives details only where necessary.  The student could also explain if such assignments were in the same department or in different units of the organization. The report is just a summary of what was done without going into the very  particulars. The  student  shall  be  required  to  explain  in  detail  the  link  between  the  activities  undertaken

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