This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is entered into effective June 1st, 2003, by and between Southern University and A&M College, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, hereinafter referred to as SUBR, and Makerere University, hereinafter referred to as MU, located in Kampala, Uganda

SUBR and MU have agreed to sign this three year Memorandum of Understanding to demonstrate their commitment to collaborate in internationalizing their business programmes, faculty and students and enhancing the MU Small Business Development Centre (MUBS-SBDC). Activities under the partnership project will enable SUBR to respond to MU’s needs of faculty development and curriculum design in the area of international business in the short-run and graduate programme in the long-run. The project will produce the in resources needed to improve Uganda’s role in the regional trading arrangements and the global market.

Correspondingly, the project will facilitate the further internationalization of the business programme at the SUBR College of Business (SUCOB). Building partnership with MU will increase the likelihood for SUBR to attract more international students for exchange purpose, thereby allowing SUBR students to benefit from the relationships with students from other cultures. The project will begin in June 2003 and is anticipated to end in May 2006. This MOU specifies priorities and emphases, expected outcomes, project management as well as estimated cost allocations.


Priorities and Emphases:


The basis of the academic exchange partnership between SUBR and MU is common academic goals and interests as well as the desire to solidify and already-established university affiliation. Specific areas of shared involvement are international business curriculum development, faculty development and small business development that will advance international trade and economic growth of Uganda. The project assesses the following goals and objectives;


Goal 1;

Internationalize the MUBS programmes through curriculum enhancement and development of new international business degree programme.



·         Enhance and foster internationalization of business education at SUCOB and MUBS by increasing global awareness of faculty and students through curriculum revision and design and international business program development.

·         Increase the international understanding and pedagogical methods of SUCOB and MUBS faculty through faculty development in international business programme (FDIB) at the University of Memphis, Wang Center for International Business.


Goal 2;

Improve the instructional and research competency of MUBS and SUCOB faculty to increase their academic effectiveness by enhancing their knowledge and practical experience through training programme, professional development seminars and joint research opportunities.


Improve the teaching and research competence of MUBS faculty by providing them opportunities to participate in training programme, and collaborative research.

Encourage and stimulate Ugandan PhDs in areas of business in other countries to return to MU on both a short-and long-term basis.


Goal 3;

Position the MUBS SBDC as a catalyst that provides entrepreneurship and export readiness training workshops to small and medium sized Ugandan businesses to enable them to compete more effectively in the regional and global markets, thereby contributing to the implementation of the PEAP objectives.



·         Promote the enhancement of the MUBS-SBDC and expand its outreach programme to improve the entrepreneurial capacity, export potential and competitiveness of Ugandan small and medium-sized business in the regional and other preferential trading arrangements and the global marketplace.

·         Improve instructional technologies, teaching resources and workshop manuals of MUBS and MU-SBDC.

The major partnership activities that will be carried out to implement the above goals and objectives include: curriculum review and design, faculty development and training, enhancement of the MUBS Small Business Development Centre, conducting lectures and seminars, and acquisition of instructional technologies and materials. This MOU is supplemented by a detailed work plan which specifically determines the purpose of the activities, deliverables, responsible party, and the time frame.


Expected Outcomes


The partnership project will enable MU to internationalize its existing business programme, students and faculty and establish a degree programme in international business. This new programme will help MU to prepare young Ugandans who will be prepared to meet the challenges of the global economy. The two MUBS faculty who trained at a PhD level will contribute to the intellectual capacity at MU. The enhancement of the MUBS Business Development Centre will have a significant impact on increasing Ugandan small business involvement in international trade and thereby contribute to the country’s economic development process.

Correspondingly, the project will facilitate the further internationalization of the business programme at the SUBR to attract more international students for exchange purposes, thereby allowing SUBR students to benefit from the relationship with students from other cultures. The project will also provide to SUBR and MU faculty and students access to information and educational and training opportunities.



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