The Syracuse –Makerere Initiative: Contributing to Uganda’s Economic Development through Business and Entrepreneurship education.

Partnership objectives:

The goal of the partnership between Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management (WSOM) and Makerere University Business School (MUBS) is to enhance the business education programmes and curriculum of both institutions as well as the professional of faculty and students in both schools, to promote the use of instructional development at Makerere University. Special emphasis will be placed on proving programme access and delivering the benefits of programme women, minorities, and other disadvantaged populations. In addition, the partnership between the academic institutions is expected to facilitate the capacity of businesses in both Uganda and Central New York to respond to an increasingly global business market.


The objectives to be emphasized through the planning process are as follows:


1.    To internationalize and enhance the Makerere University Business School and Whitman School of Management business programmes by;

·         Enabling MUBS curriculum design and revision to enhance their international business and entrepreneurship programme and to foster a state of art pedagogical methods, including the use of technology in the classroom

·         Increasing opportunities for student exchanges and/or internships.

·         Develop new joint programmes (such as Executive MBA, Master of Science in Finance, Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management, and others).

·         Facilitating the increase of Africa-related business content in WSOM courses.


2.    To facilitate collaborative work between WSOM and MUBS to enhance Whitman School of Management faculty’s ability to design and deliver courses, develop learning experience and produce scholarly activities pertinent to Africa; and to augment the teaching and research competency of Makerere University Business School faculty and PhD students through

·         Coordinating training programmes, professional development seminars and joint research opportunities for MUBS faculty and PhD students

·         Creating visiting scholar opportunities for MUBS faculty and WSOM

·         Facilitating opportunities for WSOM faculty to visit MUBS


3.    To enhance the ability of Makerere University Business School’s Entrepreneurship Centre to provide entrepreneurship and export readiness training workshops to small and medium-sized Ugandan in order to expand their ability to compete in regional and global markets; to support the efforts of Whitman School of Management’s Africa Programme to provide local CNY businesses with the necessary tools to expand to African markets and to increase to global competitiveness.

We propose to accomplish this by

o   Enhancing the outreach programmes of MUBS Entrepreneurship Centre to improve the entrepreneurial capacity, regional and global export capabilities and overall global competitiveness of Ugandan small and medium-sized businesses.

·         Enhancing the ability of SOM’s African Business Programme to provide structured and systematic assistance for Central New York companies seeking to do business in Africa and to foster business partnerships with African entrepreneurs and businesses.


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