The institute was established in 1963 by Professor Pascoal Gisbert, which started as the St. Xavier’s Social Institute of Industry with a focus on providing industry with competent human resource given India’s thrust on self-sufficiency at that time.

In 1971, Professor J. Filella shifted the focus on development of supervisory and managerial skills and the Institute was renamed as Xavier Institute of Management (XIM) focusing on working executives and offering post graduate diplomas to hone their managerial skills. It also offers customized programmes for the industry. Due to the raising demand for executives with a global perspective as Indian companies increasingly looked beyond their borders, the institute was then transformed to Xavier Institute of Management and Research (XIMR) in 2006.


·         XIMR will be the pre-eminent, multi-cultural, global business school. It will advance global management knowledge and practice.

·         It will be sought after by governments, non-governmental organizations, multinational corporations, and the media for its expertise in forming persons for others and with others.


·         Providing high quality, innovative and relevant programmes to students and working executives which will broaden their horizon and inculcate global business capabilities required for leadership in the global environment.

·         Attracting, developing and retaining high caliber faculty from all over the world to contribute to knowledge and practice in global business.

·         Enrolling students for high intellectual capability and leadership potential. We will strive for cultural diversity in the classroom.

·         Creating a learning organization, emphasizing team work and free exchange of ideas.

·         Treating every individual with respect and dignity and creating and organization in which employees will be proud to belong.

·         Respecting the physical environment wherever we operate.

·         Developing the marginalized section of society by the application of management knowledge and practice.

XIMR Beginning

·         XIMR began with the two-year full time Masters of Management studies (MMS) programme of the University of Mumbai (Bombay) in 2006.


Our Programme Objective

·         To provide students with a thorough grounding and general management through holistic education.

·         To develop a deep appreciation of issues related to developing and sustaining competitive advantages in global markets.

·         To develop professionals, socially responsive leaders with the ability to function in different cultures.


Course Structure

·         Comprises of 40 courses spread over 4 semesters

·         First year comprises common courses

·         Second year comprises specialization subjects

·         Both years have core courses



·         XIMR follows the case study method drawing on cases from Harvard, INSEAD, London Business School etc with emphasis on peer to peer learning.

·         The course is designed for high levels of academic rigor and participants are expected to devote 90 hours a week.


XIMR Innovations

·         The only Business School in Mumbai (Bombay) to teach Spanish through out the courses

·         Courses unique amongst Business Schools in India:

·         Philosophy, Comparative Religion, International Relations, Sociology in the first year

·         Managing Innovations, Managing High Technology industries, Country analyses taught in the second year

·         All the above core courses that will provide holistic perspective of business

·         XIMR has a qualified, experienced psychoanalyst on its faculty to draw a psychological profile of every student followed by individual counseling and mentoring


XIMR Advantage

·         Combines University course structure with a unique curriculum to add value- an example of Government University and private sector partnership in education

·         Very high brand equity of Xavier’s across India can be leveraged

·         Location in Mumbai (Bombay), the financial capital of India-can access a high quality talent pool

·         Industry-academia linkages are possible in Mumbai due to its professional culture.

·         Alumni of Xavier’s includes eminent people in industry, legislature, civil services, and every walk of life-can be leveraged by XIMR

·         XIMR is ranked amongst the top 6 Business Schools in the State of Maharashtra in just 3 years of operation.


XIMR Challenges Ahead

·         Though XIM started early, we could not capitalize on this early-mover advantage.

·         We are 15 years late and need to leapfrog to achieve our objective of being a World-class institution.

·         We need to look both, inside and outside India.

·         International alliances are the key to success.


XIMR-Thrust Areas

·         Provide a global focus to participants through multi-campus education-alliances primarily in Africa and Latin America

·         Collaborative research with partners on issues of globalization pertaining to emerging market

·         Can partner a Case Research Centre in India


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