The universities and Tertiary Institutions Act 2001 empowered MUBS with the following Policy and administrative structures;

  1. Policy making organs

The School Council is the supreme policy making organ of the School. Policy making is implemented through committees with the following standing committees; Appointments Board, Finance, Planning and General Purposes, Establishment, Administrative &Staff Affair’s and Student’s Affairs Committee.

The School Academic Board is the top organ for monitoring, control and evaluation of academic affairs and has the following committees; Higher Degrees, Faculty Boards, Departmental Boards, Irregularities Committee, Course Review committee and Diploma Examiners Board.

Management implements Council and Academic Board decisions also through a system of committees.

  1. Administrative Organs

These organs of the School are managed through the following Committees; Management, Staff Loans & Welfare, Development, Staff Disciplinary, Departmental, Contracts, Interviewing and Students Guild


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