MUBS Alumni launch Campaign against corruption

Africa is plagued by corruption and Uganda is no exception. No matter where you go it seems someone is expecting a pay-off, a favor, or ‘a little something’ just to do what they are paid to do. To this effect MUBS students and the Alumni under their umbrella Corruption Free Generation Uganda (CFGU) organized a two day workshop to sensitize the youth about their importance in fight against corruption.

Under the theme: “Embracing integrity among the youth, answer to the corruption question.” The workshop attracted over 700 youth from MUBS and other institutions of Higher learning. It was noted that engaging the youth is essential for in curbing corruption. The youth represent a significant portion of the population especially in developing countries and are generally more open to social change and political transformation.

The workshop focused on spurring the creativity potential, change of mind-set, shaping character and above all inculcating among the youth, a culture of integrity, transparency and accountability. The youth were asked to reminisce, that their actions, thinking and attitude now reflects and determines the future of their own nation.

Newsletter Article : December 2016

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