This January, MUBS hosted the Provost, staff and alumni from Drake University to celebrate 10 years of fostering Sustainable Development.

Launched in 2006, the MUBS-Drake University Study Abroad cultural Exchange program is geared to exploring the challenges the country faces on its path to sustainable development.

The 31 day program is organized in to two phases and students are placed in teams with a program mentor. The first phase takes on 21 days where Drake students visit Uganda, together with the students from Uganda; the team is scheduled to visit a number of organizations to learn about the country and its culture. The second phase involves the MUBS students visiting Drake University for a period of 10 days for an in-depth look of the cultural and political values of Uganda and USA.

During their study tour, a number of places are visited in Kampala and its suburbs. These include TASO, Human Rights Initiative, The Parliament, Sure Prospects, Kikandwa Community and Health Centre, Reach Out Mbuya and Mulago Hospital .In the USA , the places visited include ; The Senate, the President’s home and activities involve Ice skating and an insight in to the politics in the USA.

The teams then meet for a joint seminar to discuss their experiences, challenges and opportunities that Uganda faces in various sectors towards its economic growth and ways to improve it.

The Drake University team visited to celebrate the 10 year collaboration , pave way for the next  years on the collaboration  and devise ways in which it can be better strengthened through research.

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