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Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

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The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research(FGSR) has gone through institutional development and continues to evolve. It is among the first units set up at the inception of MUBS in 1997. The faculty was formerly called the Graduate Research Center (GRC), a tag name that persists today and is acceptable in oral presentation. The GRC was not a fully structured faculty but mandated to coordinate graduate training. The unit head was originally by the title Director but gradually changed to Dean. The original home of the then GRC was the building currently housing the examination processing unit (“the strong room”). The GRC then moved to the building currently housing the Faculty of Vocational and Distance Education, adjacent to the kitchen. Actually the lecture hall next is still called the former GRC Library because that is where the graduate students’ materials were housed. GRC was later moved to occupy its own campus, Bugolobi which is the current home, going by the name MUBS Annex.

Institutionally the faculty has also evolved. From one Masters program - the MBA (with day and evening options), more masters programs were created. Today there are 12 masters degree programs, 2 Doctoral programs (the Doctor of Philosophy - PhD & the Doctor of Business Administration – DoBA) and four Postgraduate Diplomas. The title FGSR was coined two years ago in 2014 when Council adopted the resolution to elect academic Heads and Deans. At one time the Deanship of the FGSR (then GRC) was rotational among all the Deans of the other faculties. For GRC to have an elected Dean it had to be a faculty by alignment hence the transformation from GRC to FGSR as approved by the School Council. However, it is a unique faculty by structure as it does not have academic staff. Even the Dean is a staff of the Department of Business Administration (and even the Deputy Deans, one from Business Administration, the other from Finance). Its other uniqueness is that the FGSR does not house any course – these are housed in other departments across the rest of the faculties. It is therefore a coordination and service faculty for administrative functionalities, teaching and research related to post graduate studies. It is also the only faculty with a directorate as a sub-unit - the Directorate of Doctoral studies.

FGSR Unique Selling Proposition

MUBS FGSR: The Graduate School of choice


• To Provide Knowledge and Facilitate Learning

• To conduct research, promote scholarship and publicize knowledge

• To seek and develop long term collaborations /partnership with various local & International stakeholders

• To attract, develop and retain staff

Future plans

• Continue lobbying for funding to put up an ultramodern and spacious block at Annex to solve space challenges. In the meantime push the contractor to complete the renovation on Middle block and embark on upper block expeditiously.

• Intensify sensitization and marketing campaigns of the programmes where the numbers are low

• Train more staff at PhD level

• Source for scholarships and research funds to enable scholarly and academic growth

• Negotiate with Senior staff to prioritize marking of the masters students’ scripts

• Lobby to have payment for supervision and

examination be transferred to the FGSR account other than paying it centrally.

• Expedite payments for visiting professors and external examination

• Sensitize staff and students on the use and benefits of e-learning.

• Make research methods course examinable with allocated credit units on every masters programme

• Award a Postgraduate Diploma to those who fail to complete research within a period of four years on the programme to reduce the backlog.

• Lobby for adequate funding for staff to present at National/International Conferences and also be able to publish.

• Encourage staff and students to go into applied / problem solving research as well.






Design, prepare and ensure 2 new programmes are approved every four years at the postgraduate level.

• EMBA has been re-designed in collaboration with Mt. Kenya University (MKU). This will be a joint award, which will see students take some modules in MKU and at MUBS.


Mobilise, receive and evaluate applicants to our programmes in a timely manner

•   Applications for the masters programmes have gone up on most of the graduate programmes over the last three years


Teach and examine students in an efficient and effective manner

• There has been increased enrolment on the PhD programme. Currently we have 55 PhD students enrolled.


Continuously increase the number of post-graduate students graduating every year.

•   Evaluations for applicants are always done in a timely manner.


Recruit and retain competent visiting professors

• The MBA admission test is self-financing and brings some income to the school.


Organize public/Guest lectures

• Students were well taught, examined and marking was completed. The graduation lists for January 2017 are being finalized.


Conduct study trips for our students

• Completion rates for masters students have gone up in the last three years. Our target is to have a completion rate of 70% in the next five years.


Prepare timetable and release results on time.

• Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4.00pm to 9.00pm. many students have been offered both administrative and scholarly guidance enabling them to progress with research projects


Oversee Completion of at least 3 research papers per academic year

• At least 8 PhD students have defended/completed their final theses this year and will graduate at the 64th graduation next year.


Ensure that at least 2 papers are presented at local/ International Conferences every year

• We have seen an increase in the number of foreign students on our graduate programs, both at masters and PhD levels


Supervise students

• Our doctoral students continue to publish in different leading academic journals and present in major academic conferences as well as securing academic positions


Holding Faculty Research meetings and seminars and encourage publication.

• The guest lecture scheme has been a success at the FGSR


Enter into collaborations with international Universities

• FGSR successfully pioneered the rotational hosting and organizing of the Annual International Management Conference in September this year


Get collaborations with local companies/ organizations

• Many visiting Professors continue embracing MUBS and working closely with Departments where they fall, we have always organized activities to benefit from their visiting tenures; among others Reviewing our programmes, Lectures on Masters & PhD, Supervision of research, External examination and one to one interactions with staff and students








Dr.Muhammed Ngoma



Assoc. Prof. Vincent Bagire

Deputy Dean


Dr. Agnes Nasuuna

Deputy Dean


Prof. John Munene

Director PhD Programme


Pamela S. Ibembe

Faculty Registrar


Robina Akodo

Deputy Director/ Bursar’s office


Peter Ntale

Research Fellow


Catherine Nakiyingi



Amina Nansubuga

Administrative Assistant


Edith Lubega

Admin. Assistant/Accounts Office


Christopher Luyinda

Supervisor/ICT Technician


Catherine Chemo

Administrative Assistant


Bonny Muyanja

Assistant Database Administrator


Mary Komujuni



Swaib Kiiza

Supervisor/Accounts office


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