MUBS has a variety of academic options to help you search for the right program

  • Our Programs of Study

At MUBS, we offer Postgraduate, Undergraduate and Diploma programs. Our programs are designed to give you an opportunity to learn the past and latest developments as you study along. >>>> View our study Programs

  • Academic Resources

A leading business school that promotes academic excellence, supports students’ academic and intellectual engagements and helps every student make the most out of their study and learning in a robustly resourced environment.

  1. Library – The main library contains more than 62,000 physical Volumes , over 200,000 physical journals and has access to over 40 databases of online journals and about 155,000 E- books subscriptions
  2. Collaborations – The student exchange programmes help students obtain an exploratory approach to research and culture from the different countries
  3. Academic Advising – The Career and Skills Devt Centre will endeavor to support you in the process of identifying your interests and abilities which will help you make informed and thoughtful decisions that will ultimately lead you to your right career choice.
  4. Academic support – There are a number of platforms and services with in to support your academics. These include Student Counseling, ELearning Centre, graduate students and researchers have access to dissertations and other research materials.
  5. ICTs (including internet, student emails, network and workstations) We have integrated ICTs in our teaching and learning processes
  6. Academic Calendar – The Academic Calendar lists important dates for Masters, Postgraduate Diploma, Bachelors & Ordinary Diploma Programmes. It reflects major term dates scheduled at the Main Campus and the Regional Campuses. Also listed are end of semester dates and commencement dates for the next semester
  7. Faculties

Inside MUBS you’ll find our dedicated Faculties and Departments that share the vision of being the benchmark for Business and Management Education, Research and Training in the region.  Visit our faculties here>> ;

  1. Outreach Centres

Our Outreach Centres’ programs include yearly activities that educate students, disseminate innovative and deliver business development information to communities or women groups, and wholly share research based information with the industry. View our Outreach and Research Centres >>;

  1. Affiliations

Both internationally and nationally, the institution develops partnerships, promotes, coordinates and manages various academic and administrative opportunities with a number of institutions; view affiliated institutions

  1. Regional Campuses

With our four campuses spread out across Uganda, MUBS is widely accessible for people across the nation; View our campuses online here; 

What we do: We educate and share insights with our regional students to stay competitive across the country through the different trends in technology, culture and socially responsible strategies.