Continuing Education


We have flexible education for our students to easily acquire lecture notes and take exams online. 

Weekly classes

Students come to class to learn, engage in challenging tasks and capture solutions that are applicable to the different problems. Our regular weekly classes enable students acquire knowledge and clarity from the lecturers and professors.

The thirteen (13) weeks of teaching in a Semester facilitate learning, use of relevant examples, integration of new knowledge and enable you get face time with your lecturer on clarity of topical subjects in preparation for the final exam. All classes are 1 – 3 hours max.

Short Courses

Develop your skills and improve your knowledge by enrolling for the MUBS Short Courses in Executive Education, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, ICTs

Mature Age Entry Examinations

Eligibility – To be eligible for the mature Age Entry Exams, the candidate must be at least 25 years old.

Application forms for those intending to sit the examinations are issued at Makerere university, Room 505, Senate Building on payment of non-refundable application fees of UGX150,000/= once a Call for Applications is opened.

Further details may be obtained from LEVEL 5, ROOM 505, Senate Building, Makerere University.

Academic Information

Our programmes of study
Tuition and Fees
Dates and Deadlines
Coursework Tests and Exams

Examinations are held at the end of every semester. You must present yourself when ready. You will be ready when you attend lectures, read recommended texts, discuss with others issues that arise, revise your work and prepare for the examinations.

International Student Exchange Program

The MUBS Students Exchange Program gives students an opportunity to unlock experiences with partnering Universities and Institutions. The aim is to exchange information or research on topical issues, explore challenges and opportunities faced in the different countries.

Diploma Programmes

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