We have collected information on most of the questions that our guests usually ask. However, some may not be listed here. If you have a question which is not in this section, please contact us. We will be delighted to get back to you.

Library and its facilities

  • Where is the Library?

The library is the dome shaped building located on the Northern side of the Campus and adjacent to the small gate.

  • What time does the Library open and close?

The library opens at 7: 00 am and closes at 10:00 pm on week days, on weekends it opens at 8: 00 am and closes at 06:00 pm.

  • Where is the baggage area?

It is located on the ground floor on the right side of the entrance.

  • Where do we clear from?

Clearance is done in ICT office located on the Ground floor of the Library

  • Where can we do group work?

The facility provides areas for group work on the balcony of each level of the building

  • Can I bring food, drinks, make or receive calls in the library?


  • Where is Graduate Research Center (GRC) Library located?

At Bugolobi Annex where the school of Postgraduate Students study from.

  • Where can I find newspapers ?

The daily copies of newspapers are kept in the Newspaper room Ground floor, office No.7. However the old newspapers are bound and placed in the book area.

  • Where are wash rooms?

They are on the same level either right or left of the stairs.

Library Membership

  • How long does the Registration for membership take?

Currently it takes one day for your registration to be completed if all necessary requirements are provided.

  • What are the requirements for library registration?

A person requiring Library membership registration should come along with a passport size photo, original admission letter and former ID for first year students. Continuing students should bring a passport size photo and a registration card.

A staff who requires to register with the School Library has to come along with an introductory letter from the Head of Department.

  • Can I use my University ID to access the library materials?

Yes in some sections of the library you can use your University ID like in the reserved and research sections.

  • Do I need to be a student to visit the library?

You are not required to be a student to visit the library. You may apply as a member of the public if you meet the requirements of being an external borrower.

  • As an alumni, is it possible for one to use the library?

Yes, but as an external user after the payment of membership fees.

  • How do you become a MUBS library member if you are not a MUBS student or staff?

One can register as an external user after paying a membership fee indicated in the library rules and regulations, access rule and regulations at library@mubs.ac.ug . External library membership is for a period of either 3, 6 months or 1 year depending on the amount paid.

  • What should I do if I loose my membership Card?

Report to the nearest Police Station, and then consult the library for a replacement of the same with proof from the Police Station. Note that a replacement fee is charged on the new card.

Library Services

  • What services do you offer in the library?

A number of services are being offered in the Library. These include; check in and check out, reserve services


  • What books can I check out and for how long?

Users can check out all library books except Reference materials, Newspapers, Dissertations and other Special collections.

From the Reserve Section users can check out 1 book while in the General Section 2 books at a time for a period of one day and seven days respectively. Dissertations and other Special collections must be read from within the library.

  • Can users borrow books from either GRC or Main Library?

Post graduates students can borrow library materials from any Library provided they have proper identification but undergraduate students can only borrow materials from the Main Library. Students from MUBS Study Campuses have libraries in those localities.

  • How can one check out a book?

The user can borrow a book using staff/student ID or a library membership registration card at the Issuing Desk of the Library.

  • How many books can a user borrow?

MUBS Staff and Post graduates can borrow up to 3 books from the Open section and 1 from Reserve at any one time, while undergraduates can borrow 2 from the Open section and 1 from the Reserve. External ticket holders can borrow 1 book at a time.

  • How do I renew a book?

Borrowers may bring books to the Issue Desk of the Library or renew online by accessing the “My Library Record” section of the online catalogue, using your registration number and Library pin.

  • What is a catalogue? How can one extract information from it?

A catalogue is a fully described item list, arranged systematically to enable easy location of items in the library. It has title, author and subject entries that can be used to retrieve the required information.

  • Can I take a book out without my Identification?

All users will not be issued library materials without proper identification in form of a membership card or staff/student identification valid Identification or library membership cards..

  • How do I reserve a book?

If the book is checked out you can place a hold on it from Reserve Section. You will be contacted by use of the details on your profile as indicated during registration.

  • I have lost a book, how do I report the loss or its theft?

Report to the reception of the library and/or send an email to the librarian at library@mubs.ac.ug

  • What is defaulting and why do I pay for it?

Defaulting- is using a library material beyond permitted time. A defaulting user is charged a fee as a penalty, this is a check mechanism used to rationalize the use of library materials.

  • Why should a student pay defaulters charges yet they pay Library fee? What is the difference between the two?

Library fee is that fee which a student pays once a year for the purchase of library materials.

But defaulters charge is a penalty a user pays for not abiding by the rules and regulations of the library.

  • How do I pay for library fines?

Acquire a charge sheet from the Technical Section and pay the charge in Accounts room 7 and bring back the receipt to the library for clearance.

Research and electronic services

  • What resources are available in the library for research?

The Library holds books, Journals, Newspapers, Dissertations, Thesis Reports

  • How Do I find books and journals in the library?

You can find books and journals in the library using the physical catalogue or the OPAC.

  • Do you have online journals, how can I access them?

Yes the library subscribes to on line resources and their websites can be obtained from ICT-E-resources office in the library.

Access to these e- journals is by use of passwords or IP addresses.

  • Which journals are available online?

More than 40 databases of management journals are available online for use by duly registered users of the library. Consult the e-resource Coordinator on the Ground floor of the main library or visit the library website.

  • Do you have online books, how can I access them?

Yes the library avails free e- books and their websites can be obtained from ICT-E-resources office in the Main Library. Consult the e-resource Coordinator on the Ground floor of the main library or visit the library website.

  • Can I get access to articles and online materials off campus?

Yes you can get access to articles off campus using user names and passwords provided by the Library. Consult the e-resource Coordinator on the Ground floor of the main library or visit the library website.

  • How can I access Newspapers?

Contact the librarian in charge of newspapers in office No.7 Ground floor.


  • Is there access to PCs in the library?

There are five computer labs in the library which are meant for students use once their installation is complete.

  • Does the library have wireless access? Yes

None of the above