In fulfilling its Mission and achieving its Vision, MUBS promotes and is guided by the following values:

  • A time conscious Institution
  • An Information responsive Institution
  • A professionally responsive and ethical Institution
  • An Institution that promotes creativity and Innovation.
  • A team driven Institution

The MUBS leadership is responsible for spear heading the MUBS Strategic Vision

The MUBS Management Team led by the Principal is responsible for advising and providing strategic over sight for academic and administrative matters in the University. Beyond lecturing, moving into the roles of MUBS management, the team brings on board contributions towards policies that enhance the effectiveness of the Institution. In addition, the Management team considers and advises on new initiatives or ideas beneficial to the overall running of the Institution, better teaching , research and improved productivity.
University Committees
The Faculty, staff and students serve together on a number of committees with the aim of fulfilling the institution’s mission. The committees are responsible for handling tasks ranging from policy, faculty and student governance. They serve a wide variety of functions with a variance in membership, goals and term length. Some committees serve on a short term basis with a focus on set targets where as others are long term and advisory. In abode too are our existing sub-committees that make recommendations to management to facilitate in decision making.