Prof. Waswa Balunywa (PhD), Principal

Welcome to Makerere University Business School, (MUBS). We thank you for choosing MUBS not only did you make the right decision on the programme, but also on where to study this programme from. Joining the University is not an every day thing and indeed only small numbers of people in the country do so and you are one of these few that have had that privilege. We should thank God, for this privilege and opportunity. Having joined the University, you become an asset of the country. Assets are the resources a country has which they put to use to ensure that the activities of the country are undertaken efficiently. The development of a country depends on these assets and how they are exploited. The human resource is the most important asset. It is not the physical assets that determine the quality of life in a country but the people, their knowledge and abilities. When you join a University, the role of the University is to impart knowledge on you to make you a better resource. We hope that you realize this and avail yourselves to be nurtured into this important resource that the nation requires. Unlike previous study institutions, the University is different. We require you to attend classes but we never force you to, the decision is entirely yours. You take charge of your life and you make the decisions yourself. We hope that you take decisions that will enable you benefit from the knowledge we impart to you at the School. The knowledge you receive takes you to a higher level. You are exposed to new things and new ways of doing things. From this exposure, you are expected to learn and be better. We expect you to be able to see things more differently and indeed more objectively. We expect you to become more objective in your analysis and have a new critical and analytical mind. We hope that the University will enable you abandon those prejudices that you have had which are out of lack of knowledge. We hope you take advantage of everything that is availed to you so that you become a better person. Again welcome to MUBS and I wish you the best not only at MUBS but also in your future endeavors.