The Universities and Tertiary Institutions Act 2001 empowered MUBS with the following Policy and administrative structures;

Policy Making Organs

The School Council is the supreme policy making organ of the School. Policy making is implemented through committees with the following standing committees; Appointments Board, Finance, Planning and General Purposes, Establishment, Administrative &Staff Affair’s and Student’s Affairs Committee.

The School Academic Board is the top organ for monitoring, control and evaluation of academic affairs and has the following committees; Higher Degrees, Faculty Boards, Departmental Boards, Irregularities Committee, Course Review committee and Diploma Examiners Board.

Management implements Council and Academic Board decisions also through a system of committees.

Administrative Organs

These organs of the School are managed through the following Committees; Management, Staff Loans & Welfare, Development, Staff Disciplinary, Departmental, Contracts, Interviewing and Students Guild.

MUBS Leadership & Governance

The MUBS leadership and governance support the mission of the School. They are responsible for the strategic vision of the Institution.

The MUBS Principal

Prof. Waswa Balunywa (PhD) , is the 1st Principal in the 18 year history of Makerere University Business School. He holds a Ph.D from the University of Sterling, an MBA from University of Delhi, and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from University of Delhi.

Balunywa will always be remembered for his deep-seated urge to transform Uganda’s higher education models from traditional bureaucracy of overreliance on government funding to mobilizing resources from private students to run learning institutions – a move that sparked off a revolution in Uganda’s education sector. Balunywa is known for having revolutionalized business education and spearheading the private students’ scheme in Uganda that has become a model for many universities across the world.”

He has served in the education sector for 34 years and as a good leader, he has thus mentored many for the role of ‘principal mentee’

Council Secretariat

The Council Secretariat supports the good governance and management of the university. It does this by providing executive advice on implementation of best practice in corporate governance and provision of value-for-money administrative and infrastructural support services for a highly-motivated staff to the University Council and its committees, the Principal, Management and the Council Chair .It provides administrative support on key matters related to governance.