The MUBS Leadership Centre

The MUBS Leadership Centre is an outreach programme of MUBS that is intended to develop leaders and best leadership and governance practices.

  • The centre conducts research on leadership and governance.
  • It organizes and conducts trainings, seminars and conferences.
  • The centre mentors young people into leadership.

The Leadership Centre is located at the MUBS Annex, Faraday Road, Bugolobi, Phone: 256 – 414 – 220818

Email : , Website :

The MUBS Centre for Executive Education

The MUBS Executive Education Programmes target top and middle level managers. It offers In-house/Tailor made training programmes and Consultancy services. If customization, flexibility, convenience, team building, quality and cost effectiveness are important to you , don’t hesitate to Email :

The MUBS Entrepreneurship Centre

Entrepreneurship is key to the growth of economies and is crucial for the long term survival of organizations primarily because it is a source of innovations. The MUBS Entrepreneurship Centre exists to develop entrepreneurship along a variety of fronts through training, research, provision and dissemination of information. The Centre programmes suit new and established businesses, individuals and organizations that work with entrepreneurs. Visit our website and or call Ms. Diana Ntamu Nandagire on +256 -414- 338125/6

The MUBS ICT Centre

MUBS ICT Centre is an outreach focusing on Professional Training, Research and Consultancy in the areas of ICTs. The Centre was formed as a partnership between MUBS and the Southern Universities International Centre for Information Technology and Development (ICITD) in Baton Rouge, Lousiana, USA. The Centre conducts its programmes with a view of exploring how and what Technologies in Uganda and indeed other developing countries may adopt as a catalyst for positive change. The Centre also conducts short term tailor made and off the shelf ICT Training programmes for both individuals and organizations. Please contact MUBS ICT Centre, Faraday Road , Bugolobi, Email : ictcentre@mubs.a.cug / Website :

The MUBS Microfinance Centre

Microfinance is one of the strategies available for fighting and eradication of poverty. Most African countries have weak financial systems. Fewer that 20 percent of African adults have an account with a formal or semi – formal financial intermediary. The World Reports show that African economies are seriously under banked which has a crippling impact on economic growth as people, especially the economically active poor that are locked in the rural spaces and students, fail to have access to financial services. The MUBS Microfinance Centre was established to close this gap through trainings, research and providing information on micro finance to students and our stakeholders.

The MUBS Career and Skills Development Centre

The Career and Skills Development Centre was established to help MUBS students and the prospective University students envision their career through creating awareness among students about the different opportunities in the work environment and preparing them for the job market. The Centre enables MUBS students to understand what a career is , develop their skills and help them into choosing a career that is a reflection of their abilities and interests. The section also enables prospective students from secondary schools and other tertiary institutions to understand the meaning of a career and drawing career plan with the objective of creating a well informed and empowered student who can envision his/her career. The Centre also manages the Skills Development Programmes & the MUBS Women Forum. Email: Website :