Strategic Goals and Strategies

Key Themes

  • Student Learning and acquisition of Knowledge,
  • Student welfare Services,
  • Research and Scholarship

Student learning and acquisition of Knowledge,

This theme focuses on empowering students to realize their potential through educational experience delivered within the quality programmes offered by the School. As  an  educational   institution,   given   the  current   opportunities   and  consequences   in  the environment  matched  with  MUBS  strengths  and  weaknesses,  it  is  planned  that MUBS will follow an overall growth strategy.

Research and Scholarship

This theme aims at offering training and support for our research staff to assist in their professional and career development. Our goal is to encourage and enhance research activities that result in high – impact scholarly and publications, funded research grants and enhancement of the academic curriculum.


  • A time conscious Institution

  • An Information responsive

  • A professionally responsive and
    ethical Institution

  • An Institution that promotes
    creativity and Innovation.

  • A team driven Institution

  • An ICT driven Institution