Prof. Waswa Balunywa (PhD), Principal

At this time of the year, we welcome those who are joining the MUBS fraternity. Welcome all our first year students. But allow me to start by congratulating you on passing your exams and becoming eligible to enter the university but it is not about eligibility alone, it is also about being selected. Today thousands of those who are eligible are not selected. It is therefore to a greater extent a privilege to join the university. This is a great opportunity which nobody should take for granted. Our selection process allows for only the best people to emerge and we believe you are one of them. We hope that you will be able to sustain this image of an excellent student.

Now that you have joined the university, you have obligations to yourself, to your parents/guardians/friends and to the entire country. To yourself, you need to go out with a good degree from the  institution. You should not demean yourself through poor performance and irresponsibility. To your parents, you have an obligation not to embarrass them and to the nation, you have an obligation to make that small contribution to transform society but it all depends on whether you blow up this opportunity or not. You will be able to achieve this through hard work, paying attention to your studies, forming study teams to aid your study success. Life in the University is different, nobody wakes you up, nobody urges you to do anything. You must take responsibility for your action, life and studies. Our role is to contribute to the human resource bank of the nation and we cannot do it without your acceptance.

We hope that you will accept to become a national asset and allow us to train you and create an  important resource in you for the country. We wish you the best in your years ahead and hope that you will set your goals and realize your dreams.