At MUBS we believe that our products and services should be improved continuously and that the quality of education must be measured in terms of what our students know, understand and can do at the end of their education experience.

The Quality Assurance Directorate is mandated to oversee the implementation of the Quality Assurance policy. The aim of the quality assurance policy is to enhance the effectiveness of its core activities of learning, teaching, research performance, research training and management. The policy addresses all areas of the School’s activities focusing on their contribution to and in alignment with the School strategic goals.

Our areas of focus

Areas in which to seek continuous improvement when targeting zero defect

  • Programme, curricular, content and delivery
  • Research and publication
  • Students learning and welfare
  • Staffing
  • Infrastructure

Our goals for student learning are complementary in a way that students do not settle for just learning the “stuff” or enough “stuff” for a decent grade. They should be training their minds and sensibilities for a lifetime responsibility of critical, independent thought and commitment to personal and community goals. They should have high expectations of their own efforts and of their lecturer’s efforts. They should see learning as extending far beyond the classroom to most of what they experience in their day to day lives. Students should be able to put their learning experiences and theories to practice.

Resources & facilities

  • Lecture rooms
  • Libraries
  • Computers (ICTs)
  • Toilets