Knowledge is an essential resource and an indispensable prerequisite for the development of societies all over the world. The MUBS Knowledge Development Centre is established to advance, create, drive and implement the Agenda Knowledge for development for better knowledge sharing and collaboration that will achieve happy knowledge citizens, knowledge driven competitive organisations and advance Ugandan knowledge partnership for Development.

In line with the vision of MUBS “The benchmark for Business and Management Education, Research and Training in the region”, The Centre advances knowledge polices and strategies for different sectors, undertakes and strengthen education, trans-disciplinary research and innovation in the field of knowledge for development, promote professional knowledge management in organisations and in multi-stakeholder partnerships and improving competences and capabilities in knowledge management through conferences, different training programs, webinars, partner engagements, and other events.

Vision: Uganda developing its full potential as a competitive knowledge economy and a sustainable knowledge society.

Mission: Advancing Knowledge Management in the private and public sector, transforming Uganda into a knowledge society.