There are a number of discovery opportunities at the campuses to help you learn a lot both in and outside the classroom. Many students come to universities to have fun, party, study hard and create innovations.

At MUBS, we give you the opportunity to get involved in an active student community and also make lifelong friends. We provide the people, places and programs that support our students’ wellbeing and a positive learning environment that helps students thrive and promote creativity.

Groups, Societies and Activities

The university encourages and supports a number of student activities. With the guidance of a patron, there are a number of student associations that have been established making available means of communication to better front their ideas.

Activities geared towards classroom discussion groups also provide an excellent opportunity for MUBS students to build teams, interact, research, share challenges and add value to their understanding of topical subjects.


Get delicious and affordable food at different locations on and off campus. At MUBS a delicious meal or snack is never far away!

Career Preparation

Preparing and planning your career should occur all through your years at MUBS. We endeavor to support you in the process of identifying your interests and abilities which will ultimately lead you to your right career choice.


In order for students to achieve their educational and personal goals, the MUBS Health Service Centre promotes the health and well-being of students and staff. The Centre is supportive of the health needs of individuals and treats patients with courtesy and respect.

Campus safety

The Business School has a Security Office committed to providing students with a safe learning environment while on campus. Crimes are reported to campus security authorities or the designated local police at the University to ensure secure grounds in place.
However, students and visitors are advised NOT to leave attractive items (e.g. laptops, cameras, bags etc.) in their motor vehicles, Makerere University Business School does not take responsibility of theft and losses that may arise from car related incidences.

Ceremonies and Events

Award ceremonies for graduates of MUBS are held every year in January and May. Key Dates are available here. Other events held at the Institution include cultural galas, lectures, research workshops, and parties.

What to expect

Facilities across the campuses

  • Wifi
  • Computer services
  • Libraries
  • Student Associations/Societies
  • Fitness and Sports facilities
  • Restaurants

Our Orientation weeks give you a feel of what life is like at Campus

Our Campuses

  • Arua Regional Campus
  • Jinja Regional Campus
  • Mbale Regional Campus
  • Mbarara Regional Campus