Our Mission: “To enable the future of clients through creation and provision of knowledge.”

Our Vision: “The benchmark for Business and Management Education, Research and Training in the region.”

Strategic Goals

  1. a) Overall Strategic Goal: Leadership in high quality programmes responsive to market needs.

         b) School Strategic Goal

  • To provide knowledge and facilitate learning
  • To conduct research, promote scholarship and publicize knowledge.
  • To attract develop and retain staff.
  • To provide an enabling atmosphere for students to learn.
  • To ensure appropriate students welfare.
  • To encourage corporate social responsibility through Outreach programmes.

Current perspective

Our regional influence and long standing time in the education arena gives us an edge to provide high quality education to our students as we continue on our way to be recognized as one of the great universities in the world.

We continue to teach about business and how to manage it and also for those who do not go for business, we give you management knowledge that will be vital in your field of work.

The University is organized into twelve faculties; Commerce, Computing and Informatics, Entrepreneurship and Business Management, Management, Tourism, Hospitality and Languages, Business Administration, Science Education, Management, Economics, Energy and Management Science, Vocational and Distance Education ,Marketing and International Business , Procurement and Logistics Management and Graduate Studies and Research.

Beyond academia, our research impact be it academic, economic and social has led to the improvement of lives and culture of ordinary people, knowledge exchange and an influence on the country’s economy.

Looking Ahead

At MUBS we think and plan for the future of the University. Our strategic plan outlines the MUBS priorities for the next five years, with the aim of aligning our mission, vision, goals, values and resources within the context of best practices. We continue to invest in the future for our community.