The Institution has contributed to society in identifying priorities to the community, establishing strategic goals for change, and aligning an activities path on how targeted objectives will be accomplished.


Uganda National Marketers Forum (UNAM-F)
The Department of Marketing and International Business in partnership with Uganda National Marketers Forum (UNAM-F) brings together marketing professionals , students, Academia, and Practitioners in the field of Marketing and International Business to interact and discuss the topical issues under the umbrella professional body ( UNAM-F). The objectives includes building confidence of the students who have specialized in Marketing and International Business and those intending to opt for these two fields; to bridge the gap between the Academia and practitioners and create openings for students to the job market and potential employers.

MUBS Partnership with ICEIDA and UIA
Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) , MUBS Entrepreneurship Centre, Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Ltd and the Icelandic International Development Agency (ICEIDA) partnered to train grass root entrepreneurs in entrepreneurship and business development skills in the country.

Public Forums

MUBS Economic Forum
The MUBS Economic Forum was created with the main objective of generating debate and creating awareness on economic issues that affect our economy, and in particular our well being.
The debates bring together key government agencies tasked with the management of the economy, the private sector, academia, leaders, and the general public.